The Journey Begins

Early December, 2015 – walking with the family at the outdoor Christmas market in the Norwegian Museum of Cultural History in Oslo, Norway. The interest in family history was up again – we’d just had contact with some descendants of May-Brit’s Great Grandfather, Anton Kristensen, who had emigrated to the U.S. in the early 1900’s. I had decided to get the whole family tree project finalized and get pictures together to put it all in a family tree book. And here was a stand that took that to the next level – courses and information about how to write a book about yourself or someone else.

So the mini-course they offer gets put on the wishlist for Christmas, and the thought process starts.

Writing a book about myself is “so no me.” But some of the stories I’ve been told by those around me were to me and put a picture in my head of how it was “in the old days.” So the plan started coming together to combine the family tree book project with information from those still living – their own experiences and the stories they knew. I’m also planning to document the writing of the book and include it – but that decision can come later.

So the Journey Begins……

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