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They say we all get our 15 minutes of fame. These days those 15 minutes mostly get lost in the onslaught of "media," but 100 years ago even minor things made the newspapers in what were much smaller towns and cities. We'll highlight some of those people.

Frank Hake

Frank was my Great Great Grandfather on my Father's side - one of the first to immigrate to the United States from Germany on that side of the family. Sometimes history has a way of coming to life. As I'm writing this there is a battle going on over the bottling works that Frank built in Fort Wayne. The current owner is working to get the building designated as a historical building while developers want to tear it down to build new buildings.



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Mildred Couch

Millie was born in Detroit but travelled through a lot of the depression years.

Robert Henkenis

Bob lived a short life and had two stints in the U.S. Navy, serving in both WW II and the Korean War.

Else Askestrand

Else really enjoyed being with family and her Grandkids.

Erling Askestrand

Erling definitely had the coolest pants of the bunch - a ski-maker by trade.

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