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Bob Henkenis

Robert (Bob) Henkenis was the 5th Henkenis born of 6 children, two male and 4 female. It is only through him that the name Henkenis remains in existence. Read more about the Henkenis name here.


In these pages you will find the ancestors of the youngest members of the Henkenis-Askestrand families. Or a "Henkestrand" as we call ourselves. Both Henkenis and Askestrand are quite uncommon names. The pictures on this page will be of people in those families. Some of the people in this tree have had their "15 minutes of fame" while other are very well known. We'll have information on some of them, and hope if you have an interest in these ancestors you can contribute with something new. We're sure we have some inaccuracies - if you find any or would like to contribute, please contact us.

Millie Couch

The wife of Robert (Bob) Henkenis, Millie is the reason the Henkenis name is still in use today.