Frank Hake


uccess.  Every immigrant is hoping to achieve something.  You don’t move from one country to another without some type of goal, whatever it may be.   For many immigrants in the 1800s, the country of choice was the United States – “the land of opportunity.”  Frank together with his wife Christina and five daughters left Dringenberg and set sail from Bremen on the Admiral for Baltimore, arriving on the 4th of June in 1866.

What an immigrant should be is a very charged topic these days.  Tired, poor and wretched is fine, but what they should do and how they should be after arrival is the subject of a lot of debate.  Why Frank Hake migrated to Fort Wayne, Indiana is probably lost for all time to come.  What we do know is what he did after he got to Fort Wayne.  Whatever his reason for leaving Germany, he got to work establishing himself as a significant figure in the local community.

We don’t know for sure what Frank did between 1866 and 1884 other than that he had three more daughters and one son, for a total of nine children, but he was successful enouth that in May of 1884, Frank purchased land at 1010 Wells Street in an area know as Bloomingdale where he built a bottling works and saloon which on the second floor was their residence which included a large hall.  The hall was used for town meetings, political gatherings and concerts.