Missouri, United States


Latitude: 38.2502800, Longitude: -92.5002800


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Alcholz, Rose K.  26 Nov 1899Missouri, United States I86
2 Anderson, Robert Earle  20 Nov 1889Missouri, United States I1269
3 Armor, Alberta Louise  9 Oct 1925Missouri, United States I500
4 Armor, Fred H  13 Sep 1903Missouri, United States I498
5 Barnett, Tryphena C.  1827Missouri, United States I4630
6 Bedwell, Wayne E  22 May 1907Missouri, United States I1272
7 Bell, Lillie Mae  23 Dec 1897Missouri, United States I1148
8 Bequeath, Phoebe  Abt 1869Missouri, United States I1204
9 Bolin, Thelbert K  21 Jan 1911Missouri, United States I826
10 Brooks, John  Abt 1842Missouri, United States I1225
11 Bryant, Celia Esther  26 Dec 1890Missouri, United States I742
12 Calvin, Lloyd James  15 Feb 1891Missouri, United States I152
13 Christian, Isabella  Abt 1870Missouri, United States I798
14 Coday, Clara  1896Missouri, United States I4826
15 Coday, Clarence  16 Feb 1897Missouri, United States I4829
16 Coday, Harrison  1885Missouri, United States I4831
17 Coday, William David  5 May 1891Missouri, United States I4846
18 Couch, Elva  Abt 1912Missouri, United States I492
19 Couch, Gladys  Abt 1917Missouri, United States I493
20 Couch, James Amon  5 Feb 1908Missouri, United States I524
21 Couch, James Amon Jr  31 May 1927Missouri, United States I895
22 Couch, Lonnie Melvin  16 Dec 1909Missouri, United States I491
23 Croy, Loyd Alfred Sr  22 Aug 1928Missouri, United States I1794
24 Denny, Lelier L  16 Aug 1872Missouri, United States I1246
25 Denny, Nancy Rosa  Abt 1862Missouri, United States I802
26 Donovan, Erma Alvina  17 Oct 1877Missouri, United States I1294
27 Eastwood, Norma E  24 Apr 1912Missouri, United States I1182
28 Eastwood, Ocie Vera  Abt 1908Missouri, United States I1181
29 Eaton, Elvis Ethon  4 Jan 1892Missouri, United States I828
30 Eaton, Robert Bland  Abt 1917Missouri, United States I831
31 Eaton, Thelma  Abt 1915Missouri, United States I830
32 Eaton, Vilma  Abt 1915Missouri, United States I1224
33 Edwards, Bertha  7 Jun 1906Missouri, United States I635
34 Edwards, Bryant T  24 Aug 1922Missouri, United States I734
35 Edwards, Wayne Clinton  31 Jan 1920Missouri, United States I733
36 Fulbright, Roxie Ilene  14 Oct 1922Missouri, United States I1234
37 Gebben, Mary Ann  17 Sep 1849Missouri, United States I325
38 Griffith, Annie Elizabeth  26 Nov 1868Missouri, United States I963
39 Griffith, Fielding Ray  Abt 1872Missouri, United States I964
40 Griffith, Irene W  23 Jan 1886Missouri, United States I965
41 Harper, Nellie Murtha  16 Feb 1887Missouri, United States I1214
42 Hayden, Charles Benjamin  8 Aug 1873Missouri, United States I1844
43 Hayden, Ella M  25 Oct 1882Missouri, United States I1846
44 Hayden, Katie G  27 Aug 1866Missouri, United States I1845
45 Hayden, Winfield Scott Jr  25 Sep 1870Missouri, United States I1843
46 Hayes, Nora  4 Nov 1895Missouri, United States I1147
47 Henkenis, Bernard Joseph  3 May 1913Missouri, United States I77
48 Henkenis, Grace  3 May 1916Missouri, United States I76
49 Henkenis, Jeanette Ellen  16 Jun 1927Missouri, United States I79
50 Henkenis, Patricia Rose  Abt 1938Missouri, United States I59

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Donovan, Erma Alvina  25 Mar 1970Missouri, United States I1294
2 Howard, Eucebe  28 Apr 1883Missouri, United States I1480
3 Howard, Margaret  Between 1880 and 1900Missouri, United States I672
4 Jones, Vera E  16 Apr 1980Missouri, United States I1831
5 King, William Rox  1960Missouri, United States I1185
6 Mcpheeters, Samuel D  17 Jun 1848Missouri, United States I680
7 Ratliff, Carter  Missouri, United States I757


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   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Coday / Moody  1840Missouri, United States F1551

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