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Kentucky, United States


Latitude: 38.2004167, Longitude: -84.8776250


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Nixon, Frederica Ann  19 Jul 1949Kentucky, United States I1628
2 Casteel, Harold D  7 Mar 1949Kentucky, United States I1897
3 Wilkerson, Rebecca Gail  2 May 1940Kentucky, United States I1968
4 Long, Jimmie Dale  3 Jul 1938Kentucky, United States I1980
5 Gray, George Glenn  9 Jan 1937Kentucky, United States I1101
6 Gray, Naomi Ruth  22 Jan 1936Kentucky, United States I1524
7 Sisk, Wesley Derwood  3 Oct 1935Kentucky, United States I2103
8 Crick, Wilbert Lee  25 Sep 1934Kentucky, United States I2690
9 Browning, Norma J  1934Kentucky, United States I1154
10 Coffman, Marjorie Ingram  27 Dec 1932Kentucky, United States I2716
11 Dorris, Margwell  1932Kentucky, United States I1913
12 Wilkerson, Geraldine  27 Apr 1929Kentucky, United States I1964
13 Averitt, Still Born  31 Mar 1929Kentucky, United States I2502
14 Armstrong, Marion E  15 Feb 1929Kentucky, United States I2462
15 Hollis, Mary Ann  Abt 1929Kentucky, United States I1020
16 Nixon, Fred Allen  14 Aug 1926Kentucky, United States I1623
17 Browning, John Buckingham  15 Jan 1926Kentucky, United States I546
18 Ausenbaugh, Nelda J  4 Jun 1925Kentucky, United States I2748
19 Tapp, Irene Mable  Abt 1925Kentucky, United States I2008
20 Stokes, Basil R  Abt 1925Kentucky, United States I2409
21 Huddleston, Iva E.  24 May 1923Kentucky, United States I2491
22 Logan, Thomas Hilton  4 Sep 1921Kentucky, United States I2472
23 Tapp, Kathleen  7 Aug 1921Kentucky, United States I2011
24 Groves, Grace B  24 Jul 1920Kentucky, United States I2123
25 Buchanan, Flora  Abt 1920Kentucky, United States I2525
26 Sisk, Mary Francies  Abt 1919Kentucky, United States I1036
27 Carnal, Virgie  18 Nov 1918Kentucky, United States I1977
28 Oldham, Jake Harold Sr  29 Mar 1918Kentucky, United States I2121
29 Barnhill, Robert Browning  23 Mar 1917Kentucky, United States I1046
30 Oldham, Nevaline  8 Feb 1916Kentucky, United States I1995
31 Oldham, Jessie Lewis  7 May 1915Kentucky, United States I2114
32 Wright, James C  Abt 1915Kentucky, United States I2545
33 Lang, Elmo M  Abt 1915Kentucky, United States I518
34 Buchanan, Iva  Abt 1915Kentucky, United States I2524
35 Haxler, Thelma  Abt 1914Kentucky, United States I1997
36 Harper, Woodron  Abt 1914Kentucky, United States I1976
37 Gray, Geneva  Abt 1914Kentucky, United States I1098
38 Coffman, Ruby  Abt 1914Kentucky, United States I2712
39 Averitt, Maxie D  25 Dec 1913Kentucky, United States I2442
40 Oldham, Mary Elizabeth  18 Jul 1913Kentucky, United States I2006
41 Thonpson, Wilma  Abt 1913Kentucky, United States I1908
42 Murray, Barney  Abt 1913Kentucky, United States I2138
43 Burton, Lorene  Abt 1913Kentucky, United States I1907
44 Browning, Headley  20 Nov 1912Kentucky, United States I539
45 Casteel, Archie D  10 Apr 1912Kentucky, United States I1895
46 Proctor, Walter E  Abt 1912Kentucky, United States I7258
47 Averitt, James  Abt 1912Kentucky, United States I2450
48 Stokes, Gether A  2 Aug 1911Kentucky, United States I36
49 Ligon, Bonnie Lucille  18 Mar 1911Kentucky, United States I2481
50 Stokes, Beulah  Abt 1911Kentucky, United States I2531

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Hegener, Regina Josephine  19 Aug 1974Kentucky, United States I1616
2 Casteel, Harold D  5 Jul 1965Kentucky, United States I1897
3 Coffman, Annie  11 Jul 1941Kentucky, United States I2710
4 HOWARD, Malinda "Lindy"  27 Sep 1904Kentucky, United States I6946
5 Browning, Andrew Rice  16 Aug 1897Kentucky, United States I401
6 Browning, Walter Headley  14 Feb 1894Kentucky, United States I300
7 Gray, john  7 Jan 1883Kentucky, United States I989
8 Browning, Mary Ann  1877Kentucky, United States I296
9 Sisk, William  Aft 1850Kentucky, United States I1073
10 Headley, Winifred  1848Kentucky, United States I294
11 Browning, Joseph Strother  Kentucky, United States I293


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Nixon, Thomas Earle  Abt 1929Kentucky, United States I1624
2 Barnhill, Tommie Davis  Abt 1926Kentucky, United States I1048
3 Griffin, Louise M  31 Mar 1910Kentucky, United States I1605
4 Browning, Joseph Kenneth  Abt 1910Kentucky, United States I540
5 Sisk, Bennie Earl  12 Jun 1906Kentucky, United States I2593
6 Crick, Paul  20 Aug 1904Kentucky, United States I2688
7 Sisk, James Ludlow  20 Nov 1898Kentucky, United States I1033
8 Browning, Chalice B  Abt 1897Kentucky, United States I423
9 Long, Willie Edna  Abt 1895Kentucky, United States I512
10 Tapp, Roy  11 Mar 1894Kentucky, United States I2007
11 Stokes, James Rufus  Abt 1894Kentucky, United States I1636
12 Browning, Ward Blaine  Apr 1893Kentucky, United States I428
13 Suthard, Margarette  6 Mar 1893Kentucky, United States I2618
14 Long, Virgil Clarence  14 Oct 1892Kentucky, United States I511
15 Stones, Jane W  9 Mar 1892Kentucky, United States I2515
16 Coffman, Carrie E  17 Nov 1891Kentucky, United States I2723
17 Browning, Eleanor  12 Mar 1890Kentucky, United States I424
18 Long, Charles Dennis  Abt 1890Kentucky, United States I510
19 McNew, George Wesly  6 Mar 1889Kentucky, United States I1179
20 Sisk, William Travis  1 Dec 1888Kentucky, United States I1669
21 Long, William Elmer  1 Jun 1888Kentucky, United States I517
22 Lott, Anna  7 Oct 1880Kentucky, United States I1107
23 Robertson, Lucy Eugina  25 Jan 1879Kentucky, United States I1547
24 Baker, Elenora S  Nov 1869Kentucky, United States I420
25 Sisk, Mary E  13 Sep 1867Kentucky, United States I1671
26 Stokes, Mary Paralee  1 May 1866Kentucky, United States I2703
27 Browning, David  21 Jul 1865Kentucky, United States I412
28 Browning, Eliot  Abt 1863Kentucky, United States I411
29 Sisk, Rutherford W  1 Oct 1820Kentucky, United States I1673


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID 
1 Stokes, William Riley  Kentucky, United States I1085
2 Stokes, Gabriel Monroe  Kentucky, United States I1054
3 Oldham, James W  Kentucky, United States I405


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Stokes, Gabriel Monroe  1865Kentucky, United States I1054
2 Stokes, Gabriel Monroe  1863Kentucky, United States I1054
3 Sisk, Travis Hill  1863Kentucky, United States I1075
4 Oldham, Jesse  1863Kentucky, United States I6956
5 Tapp, Roy Gwendel  Kentucky, United States I2009
6 Howard, Thomas  Kentucky, United States I6936
7 Averitt, Richard S  Kentucky, United States I2445
8 Averitt, Rex Wood  Kentucky, United States I2444


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Stokes / Stokes  1896Kentucky, United States F129
2 Bennett / Browning  1832Kentucky, United States F133