Illinois, United States


Latitude: 40.0002806, Longitude: -89.2502806


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
51 Marlin, Harold D  Jun 1880Illinois, United States I1169
52 Marlin, Lillie Ann  Dec 1885Illinois, United States I1172
53 Marlin, Thompson G  Aug 1883Illinois, United States I1171
54 Martin, Earnest  Abt 1891Illinois, United States I1361
55 Martin, Gladys Eileen  9 Apr 1917Illinois, United States I1359
56 Mcfadden, Ethel  Abt 1887Illinois, United States I7204
57 Mcgovern, Charles  Oct 1883Illinois, United States I1488
58 McGovern, Clarence Martin  3 Apr 1887Illinois, United States I1481
59 Mcgovern, James A  Sep 1858Illinois, United States I1486
60 McNew, George Wesly  Abt 1888Illinois, United States I1179
61 Mitchell, Alice  1861Illinois, United States I6430
62 Mitchell, Anna Sarah  1875Illinois, United States I6431
63 Mitchell, Bessie  1878Illinois, United States I6432
64 Mitchell, Frank Ralph  1873Illinois, United States I6436
65 Mitchell, Margaret  1878Illinois, United States I6439
66 Mitchell, Mary C.  25 Sep 1862Illinois, United States I6440
67 Mitchell, Samuel Harvey II  1865Illinois, United States I6441
68 Mummert, Ethel  Abt 1891Illinois, United States I1362
69 Proctor, Frances  Abt 1851Illinois, United States I952
70 Quick, Harry Cloyd  9 Mar 1905Illinois, United States I2267
71 Reay, Mildred M  Abt 1915Illinois, United States I2338
72 Stephens, Mary E  Abt 1905Illinois, United States I2236
73 Tibbs, Jim  Abt 1872Illinois, United States I882
74 Unsell, Edna  Abt 1905Illinois, United States I253
75 Unsell, Freeman  Abt 1897Illinois, United States I252
76 Unsell, Jessie  Abt 1895Illinois, United States I251
77 Unsell, Marcella  Abt 1900Illinois, United States I194
78 Unsell, Nettie  Abt 1878Illinois, United States I200
79 von Oy, Frances Josephine  Abt 1898Illinois, United States I270
80 Ward, Emeretta A J  8 Oct 1858Illinois, United States I1165
81 Wilson, Eugene  Abt 1911Illinois, United States I2171
82 Wilson, Harley  Abt 1913Illinois, United States I2168
83 Wilson, J O  Abt 1872Illinois, United States I918

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