Virginia, United States


Latitude: 37.5481160, Longitude: -77.4467468


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bain, Sallie  Abt 1785Virginia, United States I5001
2 Baker, Emery  1745Virginia, United States I5005
3 Browning, Amanda Cassandra  12 Dec 1820Virginia, United States I292
4 Browning, Jane  Virginia, United States I1022
5 Browning, Lucinda  1824Virginia, United States I299
6 Browning, Mary Ann  1812Virginia, United States I296
7 Coday, John  1775Virginia, United States I5345
8 Cody, Pierce  1706Virginia, United States I5367
9 Divers, Liza J.  Abt 1825Virginia, United States I939
10 Head, Mabry  Virginia, United States I1021
11 Howard, Thomas  1740Virginia, United States I6936
12 Hudson, Elizabeth  1780Virginia, United States I7045
13 Johnson, Isaac Newton  6 Nov 1825Virginia, United States I6203
14 Koontz, Isaac Stratton  16 Nov 1862Virginia, United States I1437
15 Kuntz, Jesse A  Abt 1838Virginia, United States I2373
16 Oldham, Elizabeth C  Dec 1825Virginia, United States I1696
17 Oldham, Leroy  1743Virginia, United States I6979
18 Oldham, Major George  1750Virginia, United States I6976
19 Oldham, Moses Odom  1700Virginia, United States I6990
20 Phillips, Lucy  Abt 1790Virginia, United States I6200
21 Powell, Booker T  Abt 1825Virginia, United States I938
22 Rattiff, Elizabeth  Abt 1844Virginia, United States I2374
23 Ray, Andrew  1795Virginia, United States I675
24 Shelton, Nancy  12 Nov 1814Virginia, United States I6957
25 Sisk, Nellie Elizabeth "Betty"  1776Virginia, United States I1727
26 Stokes, Allen  Abt 1782Virginia, United States I1712
27 Stokes, John  1778Virginia, United States I1711
28 Stokes, Jones  Jun 1775Virginia, United States I1720
29 Storke, Elizabeth  1687Virginia, United States I6989


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bernard, Thomas  1665Virginia, United States I7006


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Basye / Karenhappuck  1704Virginia, United States F2231
2 Bernard / Burwell  Abt 1660Virginia, United States F2737
3 Dade / Beheathland  1652Virginia, United States F2240
4 Hayden / Whaley  1783Virginia, United States F2729
5 Loving / Lovin  1777Virginia, United States F450
6 Oldham /   1728Virginia, United States F2550
7 Oldham / Storke  1728Virginia, United States F2229
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