Kentucky, United States


Latitude: 38.2004167, Longitude: -84.8776250


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Fernetta  23 Sep 1859Kentucky, United States I1843
2 Armstrong, Annie  Feb 1900Kentucky, United States I2540
3 Armstrong, Clay D  May 1888Kentucky, United States I2538
4 Armstrong, Jacob B  Nov 1896Kentucky, United States I1633
5 Armstrong, John T  Jun 1885Kentucky, United States I2537
6 Armstrong, Marion E  15 Feb 1929Kentucky, United States I2462
7 Armstrong, Susan  Nov 1893Kentucky, United States I2539
8 Armstrong, Thomas Melton  Kentucky, United States I2541
9 Arnold, Price  12 Jan 1771Kentucky, United States I4957
10 Ausenbaugh, Addie  Abt 1882Kentucky, United States I2746
11 Ausenbaugh, Charles  Abt 1878Kentucky, United States I2745
12 Ausenbaugh, Nelda J  4 Jun 1925Kentucky, United States I2748
13 Ausenbaugh, Robert E  4 Nov 1900Kentucky, United States I2740
14 Averitt, James  Abt 1912Kentucky, United States I2450
15 Averitt, Maxie D  25 Dec 1913Kentucky, United States I2442
16 Averitt, Still Born  31 Mar 1929Kentucky, United States I2502
17 Baker  Abt 1880Kentucky, United States I755
18 Baker, Dolly A.  Abt 1875Kentucky, United States I753
19 Baker, Elenora S  22 Nov 1867Kentucky, United States I420
20 Baker, I. N.  Abt 1846Kentucky, United States I550
21 Baker, Josafine  Abt 1871Kentucky, United States I752
22 Baker, Nancy E.  Abt 1846Kentucky, United States I751
23 Baker, Sibia J.  Abt 1877Kentucky, United States I754
24 Barnhill, J H  Jan 1858Kentucky, United States I2062
25 Barnhill, John Leslie  6 Jun 1894Kentucky, United States I1043
26 Barnhill, Robert Browning  23 Mar 1917Kentucky, United States I1046
27 Barton, Martha A  15 Nov 1843Kentucky, United States I999
28 Berry, Volney  Abt 1907Kentucky, United States I1001
29 Beshears, Bertha M  Abt 1893Kentucky, United States I35
30 Bethel, Emma  Abt 1876Kentucky, United States I2637
31 Bethel, John  Abt 1869Kentucky, United States I2633
32 Bethel, Mary  Abt 1870Kentucky, United States I2634
33 Bethel, Richard  May 1882Kentucky, United States I2639
34 Bethel, Sallie  Abt 1879Kentucky, United States I2638
35 Bethel, Wesna  Abt 1873Kentucky, United States I2635
36 Bethel, West  Abt 1874Kentucky, United States I2640
37 Bethel, William  Abt 1875Kentucky, United States I2636
38 Boggess, Ada Bell  11 Aug 1872Kentucky, United States I2522
39 Boggess, Ernest Howard  21 Jun 1871Kentucky, United States I2521
40 Browning, Albert  3 Sep 1860Kentucky, United States I410
41 Browning, Andrew Rice  7 Feb 1829Kentucky, United States I401
42 Browning, Arabell  Abt 1868Kentucky, United States I46
43 Browning, Chalice B  26 Nov 1896Kentucky, United States I423
44 Browning, David  Abt 1865Kentucky, United States I412
45 Browning, David Jr.  6 Apr 1904Kentucky, United States I427
46 Browning, Eleanor  Abt 1890Kentucky, United States I424
47 Browning, Eliot  1 Dec 1861Kentucky, United States I411
48 Browning, Eugenia  5 May 1871Kentucky, United States I414
49 Browning, Florance  Abt 1862Kentucky, United States I43
50 Browning, Floy E  Nov 1894Kentucky, United States I421

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Browning, Andrew Rice  16 Aug 1897Kentucky, United States I401
2 Browning, Joseph Strother  Kentucky, United States I293
3 Browning, Mary Ann  1877Kentucky, United States I296
4 Browning, Walter Headley  14 Feb 1894Kentucky, United States I300
5 Casteel, Harold D  5 Jul 1965Kentucky, United States I1897
6 Coffman, Annie  11 Jul 1941Kentucky, United States I2710
7 Gray, john  7 Jan 1883Kentucky, United States I989
8 Headley, Winifred  1848Kentucky, United States I294
9 Hegener, Regina Josephine  19 Aug 1974Kentucky, United States I1616
10 HOWARD, Malinda "Lindy"  27 Sep 1904Kentucky, United States I6946
11 Sisk, William  Aft 1850Kentucky, United States I1073


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bennett / Browning  1832Kentucky, United States F133
2 Stokes / Stokes  1896Kentucky, United States F129
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