Illinois, United States


Latitude: 40.0002806, Longitude: -89.2502806


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Acord, Robert M  Abt 1865Illinois, United States I1367
2 Bannigan, Joseph  Abt 1860Illinois, United States I1822
3 Boatsman, Emma  Abt 1870Illinois, United States I1368
4 Browning, Irvin Lloyd  Abt 1914Illinois, United States I1892
5 Browning, Louisa  Abt 1889Illinois, United States I1885
6 Browning, Mary A  Abt 1859Illinois, United States I1104
7 Browning, Walter Alex  28 Nov 1887Illinois, United States I1106
8 Chambers, Verda J  Abt 1887Illinois, United States I2087
9 Cooper, Nancy  Dec 1858Illinois, United States I1911
10 Cooper, William C  Abt 1885Illinois, United States I1903
11 Cray, Alfred  Abt 1903Illinois, United States I2238
12 Culley, Lester G.  11 Apr 1909Illinois, United States I5467
13 Decker, Sarah  Jun 1864Illinois, United States I12
14 Doerr, Dorris Jean  16 Mar 1930Illinois, United States I1279
15 Doerr, Edwin W.  29 Dec 1899Illinois, United States I1278
16 Doerr, Joan A  28 Oct 1933Illinois, United States I1282
17 Doerr, Katie  Oct 1871Illinois, United States I2324
18 Doerr, Robert L  12 May 1935Illinois, United States I1283
19 Doerr, William P  Feb 1872Illinois, United States I2323
20 Donovan, Mary E  Aug 1848Illinois, United States I2404
21 Edwards, Harvey J  14 Mar 1878Illinois, United States I923
22 Edwards, Hosea  Abt 1896Illinois, United States I193
23 Edwards, Rhoda Ann  6 Sep 1882Illinois, United States I924
24 Fuller, L A  Abt 1843Illinois, United States I951
25 Hill, Rossie E  Abt 1880Illinois, United States I2335
26 Hill, Willis E  Abt 1875Illinois, United States I2334
27 Hubbard, John Seymour  8 May 1931Illinois, United States I837
28 Hubbard, Lucille C  Abt 1915Illinois, United States I2368
29 Huggins, Charles Leslie "Charley"  29 May 1867Illinois, United States I6015
30 Huggins, Emma Bernall  Illinois, United States I6017
31 Huggins, Harvey Heber  4 May 1869Illinois, United States I6016
32 Huggins, Lucianda "Lucy"  9 Jun 1852Illinois, United States I6011
33 Huggins, Wilbert Alonzo  19 Apr 1860Illinois, United States I6013
34 Irvin, Mattie  1891Illinois, United States I1889
35 Josephson, Lenart J  Abt 1891Illinois, United States I2160
36 Jundy, Jacob  Abt 1883Illinois, United States I1449
37 Kuett, Helen  Abt 1895Illinois, United States I7202
38 Laffoon, Elizabeth C  Apr 1870Illinois, United States I2729
39 Land, Chas  Feb 1892Illinois, United States I15
40 Land, Dan  Jun 1888Illinois, United States I13
41 Land, Sam  Oct 1890Illinois, United States I14
42 Land, Verbie  Jun 1897Illinois, United States I16
43 Lands, Lillie Mae  3 May 1894Illinois, United States I4
44 Lands, Lowry  Dec 1864Illinois, United States I11
45 Lines, George  Abt 1864Illinois, United States I1189
46 Lines, Sarah A.  Abt 1860Illinois, United States I1188
47 Mandrell, Carroll Jackson  1843Illinois, United States I2265
48 Marlin, Della Pearl  Jan 1896Illinois, United States I1174
49 Marlin, Edgar P  Sep 1882Illinois, United States I1170
50 Marlin, Grace  Aug 1888Illinois, United States I1173

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Mitchell, Mary C.  31 Aug 1863Illinois, United States I6440
2 Stokes, Robert  Abt 1870Illinois, United States I1682
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