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Missouri, United States


Latitude: 38.2502800, Longitude: -92.5002800


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Pennington, Joyce  Abt 1939Missouri, United States I2095
2 Henkenis, Patricia Rose  Abt 1938Missouri, United States I159
3 Heitert, Billy  Abt 1937Missouri, United States I7083
4 Tosie, Theodore L  Abt 1934Missouri, United States I7092
5 Snider, Joe Ann  Abt 1934Missouri, United States I2221
6 Tennison, Betty Lou  Abt 1932Missouri, United States I807
7 Montgomery, Ruth Esther  Abt 1932Missouri, United States I261
8 Tennison, William Martin  22 Sep 1931Missouri, United States I379
9 Henkenius, Leo C.  8 Apr 1931Missouri, United States I269
10 Ridlen, Geneva Ruth  10 Feb 1931Missouri, United States I1222
11 Henkenius, John Edward  19 Nov 1930Missouri, United States I417
12 Minor, James L  20 Sep 1930Missouri, United States I468
13 Croy, Loyd Alfred Sr  22 Aug 1928Missouri, United States I2237
14 Kenius, Clarice Marie  4 May 1928Missouri, United States I7158
15 Quick, Harold N.  8 Feb 1928Missouri, United States I2270
16 Ridlen, Billy Mac  15 Jan 1928Missouri, United States I1220
17 Henkenis, Jeanette Ellen  16 Jun 1927Missouri, United States I209
18 Couch, James Amon Jr  31 May 1927Missouri, United States I809
19 Stephens, Charley W  12 Apr 1927Missouri, United States I2234
20 King, Wilma Maxine  Abt 1927Missouri, United States I1256
21 Armor, Alberta Louise  9 Oct 1925Missouri, United States I27
22 Tosie, Eugene J  Abt 1924Missouri, United States I7091
23 King, Alma Colleen  6 Apr 1923Missouri, United States I1255
24 Scism, Evelyn Dolores  3 Dec 1922Missouri, United States I1286
25 Fulbright, Roxie Ilene  14 Oct 1922Missouri, United States I1366
26 Edwards, Bryant T  24 Aug 1922Missouri, United States I553
27 Ray, Paul S  Abt 1922Missouri, United States I254
28 Keel, Jim L  Abt 1922Missouri, United States I979
29 King, William Rox  3 Jul 1921Missouri, United States I1254
30 Ridlen, Jewell Bernice  28 Feb 1920Missouri, United States I1224
31 Edwards, Wayne Clinton  31 Jan 1920Missouri, United States I552
32 King, Lewis Alfred Jr.  Abt 1920Missouri, United States I1253
33 McGovern, Vance Wesley  19 Jul 1919Missouri, United States I1483
34 Newman, Charlotte S  12 May 1919Missouri, United States I7087
35 Kenius, Violet Tresa  10 Apr 1919Missouri, United States I7157
36 Jones, Edith Mae  30 Mar 1919Missouri, United States I2370
37 Scism, Buford E.  1919Missouri, United States I665
38 Henkenis, Ruth E  18 May 1918Missouri, United States I453
39 Ridlen, Roy Elbert  8 Oct 1917Missouri, United States I1219
40 Demsko, Anna  20 Jul 1917Missouri, United States I2226
41 Marlin, Neal Earnest  5 Jan 1917Missouri, United States I766
42 Marlin, Neal E  5 Jan 1917Missouri, United States I1168
43 Eaton, Robert Bland  Abt 1917Missouri, United States I690
44 Henkenis, Grace  3 May 1916Missouri, United States I206
45 Ridlen, John Wesley  30 Dec 1915Missouri, United States I1218
46 Scism, Wayne  Nov 1915Missouri, United States I564
47 Scism, Mildred  Abt 1915Missouri, United States I667
48 Ray, Billy Wayne  Abt 1915Missouri, United States I933
49 Marty, Russell J  Abt 1915Missouri, United States I2225
50 Macom, Edna L  Abt 1915Missouri, United States I2216

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Jones, Vera E  16 Apr 1980Missouri, United States I2320
2 Donovan, Erma Alvina  25 Mar 1970Missouri, United States I1505
3 King, William Rox  1960Missouri, United States I1254
4 Howard, Eucebe  28 Apr 1883Missouri, United States I1778
5 Howard, Margaret  Between 1880 and 1900Missouri, United States I433
6 Mcpheeters, Samuel D  17 Jun 1848Missouri, United States I442
7 Ratliff, Carter  Missouri, United States I612
8 Delaney, Elizabeth A  Missouri, United States I1436


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 King, Goldie Marie  Abt 1928Missouri, United States I1259
2 Smith, Lillian A  Abt 1920Missouri, United States I158
3 Henkenis, Ruth E  Abt 1919Missouri, United States I453
4 Scism, Mary Ruth  Abt 1918Missouri, United States I563
5 Ridlen, Roy Elbert  Abt 1918Missouri, United States I1219
6 McPheeters, Mary Jewell  Abt 1918Missouri, United States I1194
7 Mcpheeters, James Homer  Abt 1918Missouri, United States I1209
8 Eaton, Robert Bland  7 Feb 1917Missouri, United States I690
9 Scism, Obera  Abt 1913Missouri, United States I1394
10 Scism, Robert E  5 Oct 1909Missouri, United States I655
11 Ray, Eva M  21 Feb 1909Missouri, United States I223
12 Scism, Minnie  5 Feb 1894Missouri, United States I320
13 Eaton, Elvis Ethon  4 Jan 1893Missouri, United States I687
14 McPheeters, Lillian F  21 Jul 1891Missouri, United States I786
15 Scism, John Hollie  22 Oct 1889Missouri, United States I318
16 Scism, Chester Clarence  2 Feb 1888Missouri, United States I317
17 Scism, Ora Esaw  23 May 1886Missouri, United States I316
18 Trickel, Martin John Jr  Abt 1885Missouri, United States I7250
19 Kampelman, Bettie  Feb 1870Missouri, United States I472
20 Powell, Sallie Agnes  14 Apr 1864Missouri, United States I929
21 Powell, William Christopher  6 Oct 1855Missouri, United States I959
22 Kelly, Susana Clementina Vashti  1834Missouri, United States I449


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Couch, James Amon Jr  Missouri, United States I809


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Coday / Moody  1840Missouri, United States F1682