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Indiana, United States


Latitude: 40.0002806, Longitude: -86.2502806


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Allen, Jeffery W.  2 Dec 1957Indiana, United States I2276
2 Sisk, Gary Allen  19 Jan 1955Indiana, United States I2494
3 Skordos, Michael John  22 Mar 1954Indiana, United States I1331
4 Drerup, Sandra Jo  9 Aug 1934Indiana, United States I1321
5 Harter, Jerold Lawrence  28 Mar 1934Indiana, United States I1409
6 Keller, Alberta Lou  22 Nov 1933Indiana, United States I574
7 Henkenius, Charlene Marie  Abt 1933Indiana, United States I278
8 Arens, Irma Elizabeth  30 Jun 1932Indiana, United States I138
9 Freiburger, Richard H.  19 Jan 1931Indiana, United States I48
10 Kline, Ned J  16 Dec 1929Indiana, United States I131
11 Strupp, Doris Lucille  16 Jun 1928Indiana, United States I1463
12 Henkenius, Neil Thomas  30 Apr 1928Indiana, United States I276
13 Ehinger, Richard John  13 Mar 1928Indiana, United States I718
14 Stier, Arthur A  15 Jun 1925Indiana, United States I731
15 Henkenius, Jean C  21 Jan 1925Indiana, United States I274
16 Spillner, Gerald F  23 Jun 1923Indiana, United States I705
17 Ehinger, Edwin  24 Oct 1922Indiana, United States I716
18 Spillner, Maxine E  6 Jan 1922Indiana, United States I704
19 Henkenius, Carolyn A  4 Nov 1921Indiana, United States I280
20 Galland, Robert S  4 Sep 1920Indiana, United States I97
21 Keller, Carl Callistus  5 Mar 1917Indiana, United States I332
22 Kelker, Stephen  Abt 1916Indiana, United States I7130
23 Williams, Molly Irene E  Abt 1915Indiana, United States I1323
24 Dennis, Oscar William  Abt 1915Indiana, United States I893
25 Spillner, Charles Fredrick  22 Jun 1914Indiana, United States I355
26 Henkenius, Eleanor Arletee  3 Jun 1914Indiana, United States I419
27 Mock, Margaret Jane  15 Mar 1914Indiana, United States I565
28 Kelker, Andrew  Abt 1914Indiana, United States I7129
29 Grooms, Madge J  1914Indiana, United States I77
30 Gault, Deloris M  Abt 1914Indiana, United States I116
31 Captain, Earl  Abt 1913Indiana, United States I580
32 Keller, Carl Arthur  19 Dec 1912Indiana, United States I328
33 Smith, Edna  Abt 1912Indiana, United States I2429
34 Drerup, G Arthur  Abt 1912Indiana, United States I1322
35 Brown, Margaret  Abt 1912Indiana, United States I2364
36 Kelker, Catherine  19 Nov 1911Indiana, United States I7128
37 Keller, Albert John  4 Jul 1911Indiana, United States I327
38 Thomas, Fern  Abt 1911Indiana, United States I119
39 Stuart, Dorothy B  24 Dec 1910Indiana, United States I370
40 Captain, Evelyn May  5 Jul 1910Indiana, United States I571
41 Gressley, Paul  Abt 1910Indiana, United States I2363
42 Gault, Pearl E  Abt 1910Indiana, United States I115
43 Fosselman, Eloise Margaret  Abt 1910Indiana, United States I2701
44 Spillner, Roy Charles  31 Dec 1909Indiana, United States I91
45 Grooms, Dorothy Marie  24 Aug 1909Indiana, United States I74
46 Kelker, Robert  Abt 1909Indiana, United States I7127
47 Spillner, Velma  27 Jul 1908Indiana, United States I90
48 Keller, Clarance  27 Jul 1908Indiana, United States I326
49 Masel, Velma G.  Abt 1908Indiana, United States I463
50 Kline, Norma  Abt 1908Indiana, United States I107

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Allen, Jeffery W.  17 May 2014Indiana, United States I2276
2 Paxton, Barbara J.  11 Jun 2012Indiana, United States I1326
3 Henkenius, August  23 Mar 1923Indiana, United States I480
4 Holland, Bertha Corrine  9 Sep 1910Indiana, United States I6021


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ehinger, Eileen Carolyn  Abt 1938Indiana, United States I722
2 Freiburger, Richard H.  19 Jan 1932Indiana, United States I48
3 Benton, Pearl O  Abt 1923Indiana, United States I1423
4 Galland, Robert S  Abt 1921Indiana, United States I97
5 Galland, Earl Joseph  Abt 1910Indiana, United States I87
6 Galland, Hellen  Abt 1908Indiana, United States I86
7 Galland, Crescente  Abt 1905Indiana, United States I85
8 Himbert, Marie  17 May 1899Indiana, United States I358
9 Henkenius, John M  Feb 1892Indiana, United States I458
10 Henkenius, John M  Abt 1892Indiana, United States I458
11 Galland, Leo Peter  4 Mar 1882Indiana, United States I84


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Skordos, Michael John  3 Dec 2010Indiana, United States I1331


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID 
1 Volz, Donald Wilcox  9 Jul 1945Indiana, United States I1416
2 Nixon, Fred Allen  8 Feb 1945Indiana, United States I1623
3 Henkenius, Leo Joseph  Indiana, United States I275


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Spillner, Roy Charles  Indiana, United States I91
2 Ehinger, Edwin  Indiana, United States I716


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Henkenius / Piepenbrink  31 Jul 1950Indiana, United States F2754
2 Kelker / Kukuk  10 Jul 1905Indiana, United States F2275