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And, indeed, it seemed small matter for wonder, that for all his pervading, mad recklessness, Ahab did at times give careful heed to the condition of that dead bone upon which he partly stood. For it had not been very long prior to the Pequod’s sailing from Nantucket, that he had been found one night lying prone upon the ground, and insensible; by some unknown, and seemingly inexplicable, unimaginable casualty, his ivory limb having been so violently displaced, that it had stake-wise smitten, and all but pierced his groin; nor was it without extreme difficulty that the agonizing wound was entirely cured.

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Getting it All Written Down

Christmas 2015Well, it’s Christmas Eve morning, and the work on the book and this blog is underway.  The normal activities can wait a few minutes.

Some decisions are made.  I’ll first record all of the text in blog entries on the web site.  I’ve reinstalled it now with a new WordPress theme – the old site didn’t have much content anyway. For the family tree part, that’s not so easy.  

The stories from others will be easy to document – getting them will likely be the more difficult part.  Hopefully we can get some old photos as well. The family tree is going to be the hard part.  Now I wish I hadn’t been in such a hurry to get it done when I first started.  I’ve got a tree with real, confirmed, documented people combined with mythological Gods.  Where did the facts start ending?  I’ll have to make that clear and get evidence so that the people this book is intended for know what’s real and what’s not.

So who is the book intended for?  Well, I don’t think it will be on the best seller list.  Will have to get copies to the kids and grand kids.  It’s really when they are older that the book may become interesting.

So Christmas Eve day awaits, and there’s some pumpkin mousse waiting to be eaten.

The Journey Begins

Early December, 2015 – walking with the family at the outdoor Christmas market in the Norwegian Museum of Cultural History in Oslo, Norway. The interest in family history was up again – we’d just had contact with some descendants of May-Brit’s Great Grandfather, Anton Kristensen, who had emigrated to the U.S. in the early 1900’s. I had decided to get the whole family tree project finalized and get pictures together to put it all in a family tree book. And here was a stand that took that to the next level – courses and information about how to write a book about yourself or someone else.

So the mini-course they offer gets put on the wishlist for Christmas, and the thought process starts.

Writing a book about myself is “so no me.” But some of the stories I’ve been told by those around me were to me and put a picture in my head of how it was “in the old days.” So the plan started coming together to combine the family tree book project with information from those still living – their own experiences and the stories they knew. I’m also planning to document the writing of the book and include it – but that decision can come later.

So the Journey Begins……